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Notion Fitness Companion - ASCEND Template

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Notion Fitness Companion - ASCEND Template

1 rating

Are you looking to achieve ambitious health or fitness goals in 2023 and beyond?

ASCEND Fitness Tracker is an all-in-one tool to manage and track your progress toward reaching your goals. Split into 4 components, you can create challenges, set goals and personal bests, track your habits daily and weekly and store your favourite workouts and recipes.

💪Challenge Tracker:

  • Set Time Based Challenges
  • Have Targets Set on Desired Levels Of Growth
  • Countdowns Automatically Show Your Time Left
  • Progress Bars To Visually Track Progress

🏆Goals & Milestones:

  • Set Your Yearly Goals
  • Update Your Progress
  • Record Your Personal Bests
  • Use The Challenge & Workout Trackers To Help Achieve These Goals

🗓️Workout Tracker:

  • Track Habits Daily & Weekly
  • Quickly View Your Overall Progress
  • Set How Strict You Want Your Habits To Be
  • It Can Be Used Over An Unlimited Amount Of Weeks

This template is simple to use on a desktop or remotely on the Notion mobile app 📱

Get Started Today & Achieve Your Goals With The Ultimate Fitness & Health Tracker Tool!

I'll Share Updated Versions For Free Once Notion Release New Features/Tools To Improve The Template!

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