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Start tracking your health & fitness today and see yourself progress faster than ever before

Notion Health & Fitness OS: A tool designed to make achieving a healthy lifestyle fun and easy.

This all-in-one tool enables you to create fitness challenges, set goals and personal bests, track your habits, and store your favourite workouts and recipes.

What's Included?

💪Fitness Challenge Tracker:

  • Set Time-Based Challenges
  • Create Challenges For Any Activity or Area
  • Timers & Progress Bars To Visually Track Progress

🏆Goals & Milestones:

  • Set Your Yearly Goals
  • Schedule Your Deadlines
  • Record Your Personal Bests

🗓️Workout/Habit Tracker:

  • Track Habits Daily & Weekly
  • Quickly View Your Overall Progress
  • Set How Strict You Want Your Habits To Be

How Do I start?

  1. Full instructions can be found on each page/section
  2. I recommend creating your goals and adding any personal bests
  3. Next set your habits to whatever you want (10k steps, gym, diet etc)
  4. Start creating challenges and track progress to achieve your goals
  5. Crush all your health & fitness goals

Get Started Today & Achieve Your Goals With The Ultimate Fitness & Health Tool!

I'll Share Updated Versions For Free Once Notion Release New Features/Tools To Improve The Template!

Comes with my supercharged money-back guarantee (see on the side)

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Last updated Aug 30, 2023

Notion Health & Fitness OS

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Health & Fitness OS | Notion Tracker

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