Body Transformation Pro | Notion Weight Loss Tracker Template

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The best tool to transform your body in the next 100 days!

Embark on your transformative weight loss journey today with Body Transformation Pro— a comprehensive tool that covers all areas of a successful and manageable weight loss journey.

Who's This Template For?

If you've struggled to stay motivated with your weight loss and keep falling back into the same negative habits and routines—

If you lose track of your goals and fail to achieve consistent or long-term results—

Body Transformation Pro is for you. It gives you the best chance of success by providing a framework and resources to make consistent progress, make informed decisions about your health, and actually achieve transformative weight loss.

What's Included?

🎯 Set Targets

Achieving your goals starts with setting them. Set time-bound goals you're going to achieve.

📊 See Stats

Gain a deep understanding of your journey. Track progress, monitor habits, and uncover invaluable insights that fuel your transformation. Free graph + instructions

Build Habits

Lasting change hinges on habits. Harness the power of daily and weekly habit tracking to establish a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

🏃‍♀️ Track Fitness

Customize your fitness regimen to align with your unique needs and preferences. Make exercise an enjoyable and integral part of your transformation.

🥙 Manage Nutrition

Effortlessly monitor calorie and macronutrient intake, ensuring every meal takes you one step closer to your goal.

🤖 Calorie Calculator

Remove the guesswork from your daily caloric needs. Discover the calorie target that you need to reach your goals in a safe & effective way.

📏 Body Measurements Table

Table if you want to track your body measurements over time.

📱 Phone View

Update progress on the go with phone view. A simplified UI that makes adding entries, workouts, meals or just checking on progress much easier.

🧑‍💻 Online Resources

Discover useful apps, websites & tools to improve your nutrition, fitness & mental health.

🌟 Continuous Improvement

I'm committed to your success. As Notion releases new features, you'll receive updates, ensuring your template has the best tools available. Check on the right to see what was included in the last update.

🌟 Money Back Guarantee

I have so much confidence in my products and their value to you that I offer a money-back guarantee which isn't available with 99% of digital sellers. Purchase with 0 risk with my supercharged money-back guarantee. See on the side for more details. If you don't think this product is helping you achieve your goals, I don't want your money.

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How does it work?

  1. Find full instructions at the top of the template
  2. Set a target weight and an end date
  3. Find your target daily calorie intake using the calculator
  4. Start tracking your weight, meals & fitness
  5. See your progress over time and find useful stats to stay on track

Embark on your transformation today!

Any questions?

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Last updated Apr 15, 2024

Body Transformation Pro

Current Version
5.0 (Phone View, Updated Progress Formula, Choose Units In Calorie Calculator)
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Body Transformation Pro | Notion Weight Loss Tracker Template

10 ratings
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